• Interior design & project management
    Interior design & project management

    Every project is as unique as the people behind it, so the way of working with an interior designer should be too. Andrew Jonathan Design was set-up to deliver an approachable, bespoke design service to help people make spaces work better for them. Whatever the budget, if you have a space that you need help getting the most out of, let’s have a chat to see what’s possible.  

  • Spatial planning
    Spatial planning

    Space is valuable, so using it effectively is important. From layout and functionality that suits how you live, to deciding lighting circuits and the placement of sockets that means the lamp you love can sit where it needs to - careful planning underpins the design of any great space. Whether embarking on an extension, new build, remodelling a property, or tackling the things that make an existing space ‘not quite right’, an objective viewpoint can help see what’s possible. 

  • Room styling & staging
    Room styling & staging

    A well styled space can transform a property into an environment with personality and warmth. We can help, whether that’s to support selling it, or to let you love it again.

  • Product sourcing
    Product sourcing

    Finding the right pieces to make a space feel special can be a time-consuming task, but it’s what makes the difference. From individual pieces to a more comprehensive wish list, residential or commercial, let us find it for you.