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Hello! I’m Andrew, namesake of Andrew Jonathan Design. For nearly ten years I’ve been working in PR and communications with a mix of property and design clients, and household brands. At the same time, I’ve been harbouring a passion for design and have been studying with the KLC School of Design to put that passion into practice.

Andrew Jonathan Design is the home of my interior design work. In 2016, along with my partner, we bought our first home in London, and the journey of redesigning and transforming this space into the home we want has been a labour of love.

In transforming the flat, I’ve refined my design approach and learnt a lot about how to make the most of a space and the way it makes you feel. For me, it’s about designing living spaces with an inquisitive attention to detail that ultimately makes you smile, and helps improve how you spend time in your home.

I offer interior design consultation for projects big or small. Whether you’re looking for someone to consult on a colour scheme for a certain space, or a full design scheme for your home, I can provide in-person or online interior design and styling that suits.

Services I offer –

  • Interior design
  • Spacial planning
  • Online interior styling
  • Colour consultation
  • Room styling & staging
  • Product sourcing

To say hello or get in touch about a potential interior design project, drop me an email on

Portrait photography by Cathy Pyle

Room photography by Chris Snook