12 of the best bathroom wall lights

Good bathroom lighting can sometimes feel harder to come by than a Gregg’s Vegan sausage roll. Well, unless you have an indulgent budget, then there’s quite a feast of lovely options to consider.

I’ve been working on a couple of bathroom designs recently, so having spent a lot of time down the rabbit warren of lighting, I’ve hunted out some good options that I thought I’d share. More specifically, bathroom wall lights.

First things first though, do you need bathroom-approved lighting? Pinterest and Instagram are full of amazing bathrooms with standard wall lights looking sexy as. If you can do that, you have a sea of possibility, but if you need IP rated bathroom-suitable lights then things are a lot more limited. It all comes down to where your lights are positioned in relation to your water sources. I’m no electrician, but this is a useful guide to the different ‘zones’ of your bathroom, and what lighting can be used where.

Image via The Lighting Superstore

When it comes to lighting a bathroom, getting the layers of different lighting right can have a huge impact, and wall lights can deliver useful task lighting at a sink area as much as they can offer a warmer and softer ambient light as an alternative to having your ceiling lights on.


Mirrors should be lit from both sides to eliminate shadows on the face.

If there is no wall space for installing fixtures, an approach I love is to try mounting wall lights directly on the glass, as one of my favourite designers Beata Heuman has done here.

Image from Beata Heuman

And while we’re at with the dreamy interiors by one of my favourite design idols, here’s another stunning bathroom by Beata.

Image from Beata Heuman

12 great IP-rated bathroom lights

  1. Chrome & glass swan neck wall lamp, ideal for a classic look either side of mirror – Beam LED
  2. White porcelain with a spherical diffuser – I love these, and they can be installed with the globe at the top or bottom. Super cool, would look great in a contemporary space – Holloway’s of Ludlow
  3. Discreet and unique, the glass pinhead look would be fab in a pure white space or popping out from a coloured wall – Nest
  4. A mini glo-ball by Flos, a timeless classic suited to a clean and modern space – Heal’s
  5. Bronze, glass panelled wall lamps, look great either side of a mirror or as wall features in a larger bathroom – Dusk Lights
  6. Quite pricey, but a pretty rare look when it comes to bathroom lights, perfect for the black bathroom fittings trend – The Wall Light Company
  7. A very chic little brass downlighter, it won’t give out much light, but nice for atmosphere – Lights 4 Living
  8. If old school glam is your thing, a pair of these would be rather wonderful in a boldly designed space – Wayfair
  9. The lovely antiqued brass finish will add plenty of character, and the up and down lighter will give off plenty of light – Dusk Lights
  10. Frosted for a softer light, the aged bronze is a nicer alternative to brass – Dusk Lights
  11. A bit of a statement light giving you an industrial edge without going for a cage light – The Wall Light Company
  12. Fluted glass and a classic shape, but cheaper than the similar and very lovely Original BTC favourites – Jim Lawrence


Outdoor lights come with the IP ratings needed for bathrooms, and open up a lot more options if you’re after something in particular. They’re often cheaper too.

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