10 great accent chairs under £500

Because you’re worth it.

Inviting a little accent chair into your home is a bit like a adding a jazzy scarf to your coat. Often your coat is a classic, a bit sensible and timeless as you’ve made the investment, but the scarf feels a bit more like you can throw caution to the wind. Maybe the cold January air has got to me with this analogy, but often people will opt for a sensible sofa, so an accent chair is the item to flex a bit more creative license. Particularly when they don’t break the bank. And so, I bring to you…10 great accent chairs for under £500.

Aside from putting my hours of browsing the internet to some shared use, this picture got me thinking about the deliciousness that a stop-you-in-your-tracks chair can deliver.

A gorgeous space designed by Simone Haag

It’s from a shoot in the current issue of Elle Decoration and is one of those shots that made me feel all interiors-fuzzy inside. That chair is just devine. It makes the space come alive with its contrast, colour and curves. And would you just look at this blend of textures, from the deep pile of the rug to the mix of hard surfaces and glorious architectural features. Simone Haag is one clever lady.

Magnolia House by Arent & Pyke

And then there’s this stunning staircase in a project by Arent & Pyke, where the armchair adds a sculptural feature and makes this space very much one I want to move into please. If even just to use that chair as the ultimate place to tie up my laces before heading out the door.

But enough of the drooling, and back to the more achievable with ten great armchair picks.

Top 10 accent chairs for under £500

  1. A woven cord seat, lovely light oak and it rocks! This is inspired by the iconic Hans J Wegner CH25 chair, so has heaps of Danish style and would work very well in a calm, bright, neutral space – Rocking chair by Cult, £224
  2. The lovely clean lines make this an elegant option, with a nice contrast of textures to keep it interesting. This one looks pricier than it is, I think – Cole armchair by Maison du Monde, £378
  3. Scalloped shapes are having a moment, and you can see why when you clock the rather chic silhouette of this chair, particularly in this 70s-esque vibrant orange – Scalloped velvet by Oliver Bonas, £395
  4. This slouchy nude leather number would look great paired with a darker coloured sofa and heaps of textures. And it’s got 30% off at the moment – Leather armchair by Maison du Monde, £300.30
  5. If the cane / rattan trend is calling you, look no further. This has a delicate footprint so is great for a smaller space – Cotton & Cane armchair by Maison du Monde, £300.30
  6. Ok I’m cheating her. And only cheating myself. This chair is over £500, but it still starts with a 5 so I think that’s ok, because just LOOK AT IT. The tripod shape, the khaki velvet… – Effie Tripod chair by Anthropologie, £598
  7. This is technically deemed to be a dining chair, but in my view it works just as well as a statement accent. The wooden fan frame is a real statement, but versatile and chic in black – Tom Dixon fan chair, £446.25
  8. Another Maison du Monde number, and very similar to a much more expensive Anthropologie piece. The stripe is simple but makes a statement in a monochrome or more colourful schemen- Jimmy armchair by Maison du Monde, £338.80
  9. A classic shape with an expensive looking wooden frame, and a fresh blue palette. Would work well against a pink / nude backdrop with a pop of yellow – Paleta armchair by Anthropologie, £389.95
  10. The cheapest of the bunch and super versatile, it could work as well in a bedroom as in the living room – Industriell armchair by IKEA, £120 –

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