Creating a boutique hotel bathroom at home

We wanted to have fun with the bathroom, and capture the character of a boutique hotel. A small space has its obvious downsides, but is also quite freeing in offering up the opportunity to be bold without overwhelming. When we moved into the property, the bathroom was functional but tired (see a little snap of it at the end of the post), a traditional layout with a bath across the width of the room, but in a way which forced the toilet to be awkwardly wedged underneath the window. 

With this room, the flooring is the star of the show – vibrant hexagonal green tiles setting the scene for the room and bringing a smile to your face every time it’s used. The tiles, which are influenced by Japanese textile patterns, come in some really amazing colours and in the end it was a tussle between green and blue. Using green makes the space really fresh and bright while making it feel very clean and vibrant, and warmer than the blue route. Caroline at interiors blog Patchwork Harmony has used the same tiles but with a totally different look which I love, using them in soft pink. 


What started out as a traditional but cramped bathroom layout, is now a super functional shower room. Removing the bath changed the space, and allowed us to design it for how we would use it. The shower unit is larger than standard, and in building it without doors or a fully enclosed frame, it feels spacious and luxurious and utilises the space to its fullest. A small glass screen to the right of the shot keeps the water contained, and the tray is gently sloped downwards to mean we don’t flood the bathroom every time we use it!


Off-white subway tiles fill the rest of the space, making it feel bigger through the consistency of colour and texture, while obviously being a really functional option. The original plan was to have pure white subway tiling, and its only when they arrived and were put next to the crisp white new bathroom furniture that we could see quite how ‘off-white’ they really were. In hindsight though, this was a blessing and the balance of white, grey and green keeps the space from feeling too clinical.


With the floor tiling setting the scene for a luxurious but fun space, the shelving above the toilet brings some warmth with the natural waxed oak. It’s also a perfect platform to change the look and feel of the room with different accessories and artwork. The cheeky naked artwork started life as an ‘advent calendar’ by the artist Mr Bingo, having scratched off the 24 days of modesty coverings, you’re left with this picture which felt like a perfect piece to raise a smile in the bathroom. Keeping it company, are two pieces of lovely pottery by Louise Madzia, housing some living colour to soften the texture of the space and tying nicely to the green of the floor.


Given it’s a small bathroom, we concealed all of the fixtures within the walls as much as possible to keep it uncluttered with clean lines, while we chose a sink and toilet which hang off of the walls to give a greater sense of space by freeing up the floor.

While the bathroom doesn’t tend to be the most glamorous space in a house, we’ve really tried to give it a sense of personality and make it a space which is as functional as it is fun. And, a big change from what was there before (picture below).

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